Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Hot Selection 02.10.11

The Hot Selection-2011-10-02-18:00:00.mp3 by NTS RADIO

Theo Parrish - Summertime is Here
Hazel and Slakah the Beatchild - Hold on Tight
Common - So Far To Go
Hi Tek & Talib Kweli - The Blast
Dert - Generosity
Kaimbr - Circles
Stac - All Or Nothing (Kidkanevil Remix)
Computer Jay - Phantom
P.U.D.G.E Beats - 3 Clap Ya Busy Hand

****Machinedrum Double****
Machinedrum - Sakatack
Machinedrum - Come 1

STL – Sugarcat
Fingers Inc – Distant Planet
Wbeza - Laying Here
Ananda Project - Many Starred Sky
Medlar - Terrell (Bicep Dup)
Genious of Time - Houston We Have a Problem
Pearson Sound - Blanked
Fantastic Mr Fox - Over
Basil - Kaoz on City Streets
Willie Hutch - Easy Does It

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