Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Hot Selection 09.09.12 (Magic or Accident)

Mamoutou Mangala Camara - Dolo Magni
Michael Sardaby Love Love and Dream
Nujabes feat. Pase Rock and Substantial  - City Lights
Eric Lau - Love Again
Pheo - When it’s Cold
CID RIM - Draw
Zack Seckoff - Ohh
Atoms For Peace - Default

Afefe Iku (Accidental) Double
Radiohead - Everything in it’s Right Place (Afefe Iku Remix)
Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance VS Fingers Inc Distant planet (White)

Andres - Ribena
Mala - Cuba Electronica
Ear Dis - Girl
Pavel Kostiuk - Brand New Day
Titonton Duvante - Curvaceous
Andrew Ashong - Take it Slow
Notorious BIG - Story to tell (inst)
Deodato - West 42nd Street
Theo Parrish - You Forgot
What About Never - What About Never
Roberts and Lord - The Root
Jill Scott - Love Rain

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