Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Hot Selection (30.12.12) Air

Mamoutou Mangala Camera - Dolo magni
Daisuke Tanabe - b f r 0 8
Waterrrr - An Orphic Cry
David Matthews - Arrakis
Knxwledge - maykesince
Pete Rock - Smoking Room Only
Eric Lau - I Feel Fine
Scruffnuk Dust - Loungin
Broke - Next Level
LSK - Hate or Love (Slum Village Remix)
Hefner - An Evening with Hefner pt 2
Daedelus - Experience
The Knife - Afraid of You
Sia - Breathe Me (Fourtet Remixx)
Arthur Russell - Entitled
Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble - Composition for Viola, Electric Keyboard, and Percussion
Soul Drummers - Shango Prayer
Arthur Russell - See Through Love
 Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side
Bill Withers - Can We Pretend
Yusef Lateef - First Gymnopedie
John Barry - Theme from The Pretenders
Nico - These Days
Kunyuki - All TheseThings (Theo Parrish Remix)
Matthew Herbert - Foreign Bodies (Dave Aju Mix)
Nu Era - Cydonia
Thom Yorke – The Eraser

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